"Barbara Lewis has written a great book, combining the skill of martial arts with the wisdom of business. Barbara is a superb martial artist, as well as a great business professional.  A must read for all future entrepreneurs."

Emil Farkas
Beverly Hills Karate Academy


“Barbara has an elegant and straightforward style of getting her point across.  I found this book an entertaining and novel approach to getting me to think out of the box in my business dealings.”

Dominique Wilson
Company Director


“I thought the book was really great...perfect for people coming right out of college.  I love all the personal stories.  It's a great book!”

Molly Ellis
Recent College Graduate
"Barbara Lewis has built a successful career based on knowledge, experience and integrity. In "Get a Black Belt in Business," Barbara shares many of the lessons she has learned from karate and business to help newcomers to the business world learn how to launch a successful career. It is a quick read and an interesting book filled with words of wisdom, advice and personal examples. I would recommend the book to anyone who wants to learn about business."
Jennifer Tabbush

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