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Get a Black Belt in Business!” describes the most important characteristics for the martial artist in attaining a black belt and then compares the qualities to the skills necessary for a successful executive.  

Throughout the years, I realized that the traits that I learned in karate have propelled my business career.  Yet I’ve worked with many business executives, especially young business people, who appear to be missing many of these important characteristics.  I wrote this book to help executives learn the black belt skill set.

The chapters explain the six belt colors of white, yellow, green, blue, red and black.  Each color contains several important qualities such as confidence, respect, honor, etc.  Under each quality, I describe the martial arts training, then the business application with examples of success and failure in karate as well as business.  Readers have told me that they enjoyed the anecdotal stories that reinforce the belt color qualities.   Some of the stories are poignant and others are funny – all to help executives become black belts in business.

If you are ready to enter the business world or start a business, or perhaps you're a newly graduated MBA , college or high school student who’s embarking on a career, you’ll find this book informative and fun to read.  If you want to learn and are interested in launching a successful career, “Get a Black Belt in Business!” will give you a blueprint for building a stellar career.  The Book offers many serious and funny examples of both failures and triumphs in the business world as an anecdotal guide to victory.

Barbara Lewis

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